Orius has assembled a strong management team with extensive global experience across key areas of the medical device industry to successfully drive its commercialization programs.

Eric Cornavaca
Chief Executive Officer
Email: eric @ oriusinnovations.com
An experienced entrepreneur who has guided the growth of Orius since its inception, Eric possesses more than 20 years experience in the development and implementation of business growth and alternative investment strategies. He has held senior leadership positions with global industry leaders including Genentech, Centocor, and Life Technologies. Core specialties include device innovation and productivity improvement initiatives as well as FDA GMP systems.

Dr. David Dugan, M.D., D.D.S.
Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
Email: drdave @ oriusinnovations.com
As a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Dugan sought to treat and prevent the oral health problems of his disabled and elderly patients. He decided to put pencil to paper and, using his knowledge of oral anatomy, designed what he thought would be the ideal toothbrush. Once he was happy with this first design, he assembled three focus groups with the help of the Western New York Center for Independent Living. The groups consisted of disabled people, care givers and nursing home administrators. After extensive questioning, all three groups independently designed a toothbrush nearly identical to Dr. Dugan’s. Imagine their surprise when they were shown his concept! Dr. Dugan received overwhelming encouragement to build his toothbrush.

Mary J. Dugan, M.A., SLP
Founder and Chief Financial Officer
Email: mary @ oriusinnovations.com
As a speech pathologist, Mary’s career focused on communication and swallowing disorders of elderly individuals in the hospital, rehabilitation and nursing home facilities. For people with swallowing disorders, a frequent recommendation to prevent possible aspiration pneumonia is regular, effective oral care. Mary recognized that products and methods currently available to clean teeth were inadequate due to her patient’s disabilities. These disabilities can present as weakness, paralysis and poor coordination as a result of various neurological diseases and injuries. With their combined knowledge of oral anatomy, dentistry, and the disabled, Mary and Dr. Dugan collaborated on the design of the ideal tooth cleaning system to effectively and efficiently clean the teeth of disabled people. Having served as an adjunct professor at the graduate level and offered educational programs to medical staff and community and senior citizens groups, Mary is excited to engage both patients and caregivers to promote this necessary assistive technology.