The earliest known toothbrush was used 5,000 years ago and records indicate that it was a stick with a tufted end. Not much has changed in our technology since then… today, we still use the same form composed of a plastic stick and nylon bristles. Clearly, the rate of tooth decay in our society indicates that this ancient method is not working. Its time to create a new technology - a paradigm shift in oral hygiene. The Eledent will eliminate the human error in tooth brushing that has plagued us for millennia.

The Dugan team formed Orius Innovations to provide exciting products designed to help the elderly and the disabled. We have partnered with the New York State Center for Engineering Design & Industrial Innovation, PreSource Technologies and Polymer Conversions for the design and manufacturing processes. Our patent-pending design combines a mouth guard styled brushing unit with a motorized ergonomic handle. The brushing unit is designed to be flexible and comfortable to accommodate each person’s unique bite. The upper teeth are cleaned simultaneously, the unit is then flipped over and the lower teeth are all cleaned simultaneously. Silicone brushes effortlessly clean all surfaces of the teeth in each jaw in only 10 seconds. The ingenuity of the design allows a person to comfortably clean all of their teeth in just 20 seconds!

The next generation Eledent will soon be available to make tooth brushing a truly unique and personalized experience. A customized brushing unit will be made to exactly fit each person’s mouth. No two brushes will be exactly alike. Each Eledent comes equipped with a low profile charging station and three different sized, replaceable brush units. The Eledent will be adapted to fit a wheel chair or can be affixed to a countertop for added stability.

To fully accommodate the needs of the disabled, additional adaptive devices will be available to allow activation by pressure. The Eledent will be combined with hands- free toothpaste dispensing systems and UV light disinfecting stations.

If you would like to help us reduce the risk of tooth decay, please participate in a clinical trial. They will be conducted at the Medical University of South Carolina and at the University of Buffalo.